Praying Hearts, Praying Hands

What kind of hands are the most beautiful hands in the word? Albrecht Dürer, a German artist called “The Leonardo Da Vinci of North Europe,” expressed the most beautiful hands through one of his works.” That is the “Praying Hands”.

The model for Dürer’s masterpiece, “Praying hands,” was his best friend. Dürer’s friend was his savior; he sacrificed himself to support Dürer, who had a talent for drawing and painting. At that time, Dürer’s family was in financial difficulty and could not pay for Dürer to study art.

Thanks to his friend, after finishing his studies, Dürer entered the art world and his name began to be known. Finally, it was his turn to support his friend at art school so he went to visit his friend. At his friends’ workplace he accidently stumbled upon saw his friend praying to God on his behalf.

“LORD! My hands have already become hardened because of my tough work, so I cannot draw delicate paintings any more. Please help Dürer draw for me as well, and help him draw beautiful pictures for Your glory.”

Dürer’s “Praying hands” was given birth through this. Praying hands to God for another person are the most beautiful hands in the world.

2,000 years ago, Jesus came to the earth as a man for the salvation of humankind. 40 days after His resurrection, He ascended and those who had beautiful hands gathered in an attic in Jerusalem. It was to pray to God asking for the Holy Spirit. For 10 days, while keeping the Pentecost, they prayed to God asking for the Holy Spirit and the result was they received the Holy Spirit just as Jesus promised.

The act of praying is spiritually so precious; it is like the breath of our soul. Just as a person who does not breathe is dead, prayer is proof that our soul is alive.

Albrecht Dürer - Praying Hands, 1508 - Google Art Project