God’s Commandments & Love

‘Keep windows closed at all times!’

It’s the only rule of ‘Lion Park’ in Johannesburg, South Africa. ‘Lion Park’ is a type of theme park where people can see the wild beasts going about nature. But one visitor lowered the car window to take a more vivid picture. The visitor joyfully took pictures. They were Completely unaware that a lion was stealthily approaching.

The lion pounced on the visitor. It happened in an instant. Although the visitor managed to escape from the attack, he died in the end.

The cost of breaking a rule is severe. Just as a lion sneaks up to attack its target, Satan, the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for a soul to devour. The one rule that protects our souls from the devil is God’s Commandments. God made commandments so that His children are able to overcome the devil’s temptations and safely return to the kingdom of heaven.

We are safe when we stay within the boundaries of the commandments. The thought that ‘this is okay’ puts us at risk. The devil tempts God’s children in whichever way he can, with all sorts of schemes, so they will break God’s commandments. God’s commandments are more precious than gold, and there must never be an incidence of abandoning God’s commandments to keep the rules of men.

He who loves God keeps God’s commandments (John 14:15). The commandments are by no means God’s shackles to tie us down. We must believe it is a sign of love to protect us from the devil.