Elohim God’s Concern and Love

The human beings are living in the infinite grace of God. The only thing is, they just can’t feel it.

The human body has 96,000 km (59,652 miles) of blood vessels. It’s equivalent to the length of two and a half circumferences of the earth. Have you ever been in awe at the fact that these vessels are sophisticatedly spread out to all the corners of our body, without a single strand being tangled?

Among 7 billion people there’s not a single person who looks exactly the same, and the distance between the earth and the sun is just right for life to exist. The size of the earth is optimal for life. It could be that we have taken these circumstances that have been given to us for granted.

Elohim God loves all humankind. Even though God loves us so much and pays a great deal of attention to us, He does not show it, even a little. Just as a child becomes mature, realizes and appreciates their parents’ love now is the time to repay God for Their love and concern. The thing that God wants from us is not something grandiose. God just wants everyone to love one another.

1 John 4:11 Dear friends, since God so loved us, we also ought to love one another.

All people were created in the image of God. As God is love, if we are the children of God we must have the same love as that of God. We hope the day when all humankind will love each other by resembling God who has untiring love, will come soon.