Throw Away Arrogance and Be Humble

What is the condition we must have to go to the kingdom of heaven? Let’s find the answer through the story of Emperor Nicolas.

It was the time when Emperor Nicolas was reigning over Russia. One day the emperor visited an army barracks wearing a normal uniform in order to inspect his troops. The emperor stayed there overnight and early in the morning in simple attire, went for a walk. After walking for a while, he turned back to return to the barracks but he had lost his way. Right then, there was a soldier standing there arrogantly smoking.

Although Nicolas was the emperor, he asked the soldier for the place where the barracks was located with courtesy. The soldier who didn’t recognize the emperor told him where the barracks was while blowing out smoke and talking in a very casual manner. The emperor was curious about the attitude of the soldier and asked him, “What is your rank?” Then the soldier very proudly said, “I’m a captain”.

This time, inversely, the soldier started to ask Nicolas his rank. On hearing that he was higher that a second lieutenant, a first lieutenant, and a captain, the soldier’s attitude started to change. Nicolas exclaimed, “I am Nicolas, the emperor of this country. The soldier’s lips turned pale white and he fell face down on his knees and begged the emperor for forgiveness.

This story teaches us, ‘Humility must be ingrained in us When Jesus entered Jerusalem, He showed the example of humility by riding in on a donkey. The Bible also teaches us through many verses that we must get rid of our arrogance in order to go to the Kingdom of heaven.

James 4:6 But he gives us more grace. That is why Scripture says: “God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble.”

Humility is the personality that we must be equipped with for us to go to the kingdom of heaven. Let us abandon arrogance and become a humble person.