The True Bible

Many people do not believe the Bible. The Bible is said to be unscientific and illogical. Is this true?

Science first determines several hypotheses, and if a hypothesis is confirmed by experimental results, it is adopted as an established theory then it goes through the process of presenting it to an Academic Association or by thesis. Common sense, widely–accepted thoughts, as well has often been overturned time and time again throughout the years. A classic example is that of geocentricism, which was the absolute truth in the past, was overturned by heliocentricism. Science that people believe in can be overturned at any time.

God is the Creator of heaven and earth. Is there a creature that can explain this world better than the Creator? Creator God revealed the truth of the world through the Bible, thousands of years ahead of science.

God also foretold and taught about future world history that will be fulfilled through the Bible.

Around BC 536, there is a history of King Cyrus of Persia constructing the temple of God and returning God’s people who were taken captive by Babylon to their country. Why did the king of an empire that believes in Zoroastrianism implement this kind of policy? It was because of Bible prophecy (Isaiah 45:1-7, 11-13)

As well, in the prophecy of Daniel who lived in the age of Babylon, it is mentioned how world history will be fulfilled. It accurately shows that the Persian and Greek empires will appear after Babylon. It is possible because God leads all world history.

In the Bible, it is prophesied about the new heaven and the new earth, the eternal kingdom of heaven, where we will go. The kingdom of heaven is the place where there is no death, no suffering and no pain. The words of the Bible were fulfilled in the past and are being fulfilled in the present. Just as all the prophecies have been fulfilled without exception, so this prophecy too, will definitely be fulfilled.