The History of Abraham's Family and God the Mother

There are many churches in the world, and they all insist that they are the ‘true children of God’. God is the only one who can judge whether something is true or false. Who are the people that God will judge as the heirs of God?

In the Bible, through the history of Abraham’s family, let us see who became the heir and who the heavenly children are.

There were three heirs who were eligible to inherit Abraham’s estate in Abraham’s family. The first was Eliezer the servant, the second was Ishmael and the third was Isaac.

In regard to the first candidate, Eliezer, God said, he was ‘not’ Abraham’s heir. Thus, Eliezer was the first to be eliminated from becoming Abraham’s heir (Genesis 15:2-4).

Ishmael was born as the second candidate. Ishmael’s father was Abraham and his mother was Hagar, who was a slave. God said to Abraham, who was trying to give his estate to Ishmael, ‘He will not be your heir.’ Thus, Ishmael was also eliminated from becoming Abraham’s heir (Genesis 17:18-19).

The third candidate was Isaac. Isaac was born of his father Abraham, and his mother, Sarah, who was free. Even before Isaac was born, God promised Abraham, “I will establish an everlasting covenant with Isaac” and through that promise Isaac was guaranteed to be the heir of Abraham.

The contents about these three people are an important key that clearly distinguishes the children of God. The reason Isaac became the heir was to show that the existence of ‘mother’ is the absolute condition of inheritance.

The main factor, which was his mother that determined Isaac would become the heir was to show that nowadays, without God the Mother, no church can become God’s heir.