Those who will enter the kingdom of God

2000 years ago, Jesus taught a secret that allows us to enter the kingdom of heaven. That secret is we must be reborn. Being reborn is accompanied by ‘change’ which means getting rid of oneself and forgiving, harmonizing and unifying with brothers and sisters.

Matthew 5:20 Unless your righteousness surpasses that of the Pharisees and teachers of law, you will certainly not enter the kingdom of heaven.

At that time, the Pharisees and teachers of the law made much efforts to look righteous to people. Jesus said we can enter the kingdom of heaven when we are more ethical and honest than them. It means if we have an evil personality and evil habits, ultimately we can never enter the kingdom of heaven.

Peter, Jesus’ chief disciple said, “…make every effort to add to your faith goodness; and to goodness, knowledge; and to knowledge, self-control; and to self-control, perseverance; and to perseverance, godliness; and to godliness, brotherly kindness; and to brotherly kindness, love.” He testified that, “…if we possess these qualities in increasing measure, it will keep us from being ineffective and unproductive…” (2 Peter 1:3-9). It means we can bear beautiful fruits in our life of faith when we are reborn into a beautiful personality while repenting.

Apostle Paul said, “…Therefore, if what I eat causes my brother or sister to fall into sin, I will never eat meat again…” This is evidence that Apostle Paul put his brother’s faith and safety first over his own happiness. Because Apostle Paul had such a beautiful heart and faith, God rewarded every work he did with fruits (1 Corinthians 8:11-13).

Today, if there was something that made each other uncomfortable or hurt one another’s feelings, let’s say “I’m sorry I did not reach out my hand to you first, I’m sorry I did not forgive you first”. If all the saints of the Church of God love and comfort each other with words such as “I’m sorry for not being warmer to you, I’m sorry for not being more affectionate to you” beginning with their families and even at church, then God will respond by giving us good fruits of the Holy Spirit. In addition, we can enter the kingdom of heaven with a rich welcome.

Let us put into practice the words of God ‘we must be reborn’ day by day, so that on this earth too we can create a mini heaven and be the saints of the Church of God who receive greater glory and blessings in the kingdom of heaven.