Pentecost’ kept at the Church of God

A “miracle” is a mysterious phenomenon that occurs but cannot be explained. 2,000 years ago, an amazing miracle occurred in the Early Church when it received the Holy Spirit on Pentecost. What kind of miracle occurred?

One of the most significant events in Israel was Jesus’ crucifixion. At that time, the Early Church was in tremendous grief, and the disciples were trembling with fear of being killed by Jewish society.

One day, the disciples, who were once trembling in fear, began to boldly proclaim Jesus Christ who came as a man. Those who believed in Jesus proudly boasted about Him, and did not care that society condemned them and branded them as evil.

In this way, after receiving the Holy Spirit on the Day of Pentecost, the attitude of the disciples changed 180 degrees. The amazing work of repentance took place in Jewish society; in one day, three thousand, even five thousand people accepted Jesus Christ. People describe a dramatic change like this as a “miracle.”

These days, there is a church that keeps the Pentecost like the Early Church; it is the World Mission Society Church of God. In the Church of God, miracles occur every day. Find out what kind of miracles of the gospel are taking place.